About us

Mingelston is a modern and innovative provider of accounting and business services with more than ten years of experience in international business. Our team consists of six experienced and helpful specialists.

We can assist you in all necessary matters whether you are a new business owner or an experienced operator. We can help you switch over to or join our accounting services, and we always provide fast and comprehensive answers to all questions concerning business in Estonia.

Our existing clients value us for being precise, flexible and easy to communicate with. We can explain even seemingly complex accounting issues to you plainly and clearly.

We are known for bringing considerable value to our partners.

We spend our time in saving yours. We will gladly perform most routine procedures required for doing business in Estonia. This leaves you more time to concentrate on the core issues of your business.
We use the latest accounting and staff, financial and business management insights and software in our work. This makes us economical and enables us to always give you a detailed overview of the situation and prospects of success of your business.
Our accounting services are always in full compliance with the law. Upon request, we can offer professional advice to always ensure the success and sustainability of your business.
When performing our daily accounting tasks, we also look at what is behind the numbers. We will always keep you informed of anything that might be of interest to you.

We value each and every client regardless of the size of the business.

We believe that our success is directly dependent on yours. Everything we do is built on a sense of security and trust, as symbolised by the Rock of Gibraltar depicted on our logo.
The excellence of our services is ensured through personal communication, understanding the client’s needs, service quality and efficient action.
We have experience and clients in many different fields of business in Estonia and abroad:

– construction
– real estate
– forestry
– metalworking
– shipbuilding
– railway maintenance

– transport
– electronics repairs
– cosmetics
– catering
– retail and wholesale trade
– e-commerce

– business consulting
– journalism
– advertising and photography
– graphic design
– cryptocurrency trading, etc.


Ülo Mängel


I hold an MBA in the field of financial management from the University of Tartu. I enjoy communicating with clients and I am always ready to assist them in all business-related matters. I love Excel tables, big numbers and interesting new challenges.

Maie Mängel

Head accountant

I have extensive experience in business and working as a senior accountant. I know how to look behind the numbers, while also offering support and advice to my clients in all issues related to accounting. Clients have told me that simply communicating with me is almost therapeutic.

Maris Millistvere


I studied accounting at the Tallinn College of Tallinn University of Technology. I am a cheerful, open and helpful person, but also very precise and demanding – both of myself personally and professionally as well as of others. I have been with this company since the start.

Kertu Kesküll


I graduated from the Tallinn University of Technology with a degree in accounting. My daily job is precisely accounting: everything from recording invoices to drafting annual reports, but I often also handle more complicated issues, both related to accounting as well as software configuration.

Pille-Helina Rohumaa


I have obtained a Master’s degree in corporate finance from EBS and have also studied economics at the Estonian-Danish Business College. I have worked in finance in several well-known companies. I am an excellent communicator and, in addition to Estonian, I am also fluent in English, Russian and Finnish. As such, much of my work involves managing foreign clients and doing accounting for foreign companies.

Evelin Huoponen


I am a trained accountant. Accounting is my daily job and that also involves helping clients understand what is going in their company by explaining accounting principles and reports to them. Data security and service quality are always guaranteed.

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