Service rates

The exact nature of our accounting services depends on the agreed-upon main procedures and additional services.

The monthly rate for accounting services depends on the volume of work and for VAT paying companies operating in Estonia generally starts at 50 euros, which includes half an hour of consultation each month.

  • Should the volume of work increase or decrease significantly, we will agree on a new monthly rate.
  • When drafting annual reports, we charge for one additional month, but not less than 100 euros.
  • VAT payers’ accounts are generally settled once per year in accordance with the actual volume of work.
  • You do not need to be our monthly accounting client to order one-time jobs and procedures.
  • Services not covered by the monthly rate shall be charged for on the basis of a separate invoice.
  • VAT shall be charged additionally.

As every client’s needs are unique, the final rate will depend on the exact services requested by the client. For a precise quote, we recommend coming in for a free consultation. It’s easy, just klick the button below.

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