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Accounting services for businesses based in Estonia and abroad

Mingelston OÜ provides all standard accounting services. We have been offering fast, quality services for more than 10 years. In specialist fields, such as auditing and international commercial law, we only work with carefully selected partners.

Our clients are business operators based in the EU and elsewhere in the world. They have found us to be flexible, quick to react and easy to communicate with. We speak English, Russian, Finnish, Estonian and even a bit of Spanish.

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All business services conveniently from one location

In addition to accounting services, we also provide assistance in establishing new businesses and organising their general, financial and staff management. Upon request, we also provide an address, contact person and secretarial services.

We can provide assistance in preparing and carrying out all business-related legal procedures or perform them in the name of the client. We draft documents and organise necessary meetings with authorities.

Contact us now and we will put together the most suitable partnership package for you. All services can also be ordered separately.

Efficient business consulting

We offer business consulting services to operators. We have the necessary background and skills as well as practical knowledge about the Estonian business and legal environment.

We will explain legal requirements to you plainly and clearly. We can help you understand the general and company-specific rules of doing business in Estonia.

We can map your company’s needs to determine the best solutions that are both fully legally compliant as well as optimal for the business operator. This allows you to run your business in Estonia more efficiently!

Our Team

It is known that cooperation with us can be of great benefit. Each customer is important and special to us regardless of the size of the company.

Ülo Mängel


Maie Mängel

Head accountant

Maris Millistvere


Kertu Kesküll


Pille-Helina Rohumaa


Evelin Huoponen


Clients Talking

A modern and flexible approach to accounting - simple and convenient
Madis Millistvere

AMV Metall OÜ

"Starting with cooperation, my company started getting a lot better because I got to focus on things that I do well."
Kristjan Prii

Eluruumid OÜ

"A clean time saver, which allows an entrepreneur to devote himself to the development of his own time. Moreover, today's accounting companies are primarily focused on customer service, which can be expected from you! Our cooperation has been going on for more than 5 years!“
Kristel Tammiste

Pesulaine OÜ

"I wanted something simple, because there are not many bills in a month, and saving your time is the most important. I recommend to everyone!"
Kristjan Kippar


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